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When an MIT Trained chemist decided to find out why horses roll in dirt to clean themselves, a whole new health regime was born. 

Via extensive experimenting, AO Biome Therapeutics founder David Whitlock came upon an important element of the nitrogen cycle that exists everywhere on the planet – Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria or AOBs. These bacteria consume ammonia and produce nitric oxide and nitrite – two building blocks of health and cellular function. He realized that when he put the solution he created on his skin, he felt better, and didn’t feel like he needed to bathe to feel clean. He further realized that soap is lethal to AOBs, which is why they aren’t found on modern human skin. David was confident he had stumbled upon something that could help people feel better in their everyday life. 

David’s scientific method has positioned the company to discover, develop and test more AOB’s as well as a variety of bacteria that are critical to the chemical processing required to sustain life.

AOBiome Therapeutics is a life sciences company focused on transforming human health by developing microbiome-based therapies for local, nasal and systemic inflammatory conditions.

To learn more about the company and all the different programs they’re working to develop, please visit https://aobiome.com