Section 101 News

Section 101 co-founder Liz Leahy has been asked to participate in Columbia Business School’s Summer Startup Track as a Mentor to groups competing for a ten-thousand-dollar grant.

The Lang Center at Columbia Business School has introduced the Summer Startup class, which consists of 36 teams made up of 1 to 3 people. These mini incubators “compete,’ earning no class credit but benefiting from the incredible mentorship opportunity and peer advice they receive during the ten-week period - a sure sign that entrepreneurship is alive and well at Columbia.

Liz will be mentoring 4 teams and has committed to meeting and speaking with the individual members several times during the program. As an advisor, Liz’s role is to give feedback, help them stay on track and be a sounding board. As a graduate of Columbia Business School, Liz thrives in this type of environment, and has enjoyed being a mentor to up and coming entrepreneurs through other ventures such as Columbia’s Lean Launchpad class and judging the Web Marketing Association’s Web Awards for the past five years.

“I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs. I want them to feel that I am their partner in the development of their project and help them to focus on what’s important and what they can let go of. My goal is to guide student entrepreneurs to ask the right questions so they can take their idea all the way to achievement.”