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"We love helping companies go from a small idea to a large, profitable company," says Courtney Reum, who made the bold move to leave Goldman Sachs to launch VeeV spirit along with his brother Carter.  A 70-proof vodka alternative, VeeV became one of the fastest-growing independent spirit brands in the country. The brothers grabbed their entrepreneurial spirit and ran with it, starting M13, a brand development and investment company. As the pre-sale for their new book, Short Cut Your Start Up, has begun online, the Reums have launched a new splash page, powered, designed and marketed by Section 101.

Short Cut Your Start Up features unconventional advice from two young men who have had much success shaking things up. Their drive and tenacity helped propel them to achievement at a very young age, and they’ve since devoted their time not only growing their own businesses, but helping young entrepreneurs launch theirs. The brothers spent a season on the business reality show HATCHED and have been featured in INC, Forbes, Fortune and more. 

Says Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy, “We are excited to be working with Carter, Courtney and their team to help promote the book, which provides valuable advice to start-ups.  As an entrepreneur who is passionate about mentoring early-stage companies, this project is a great fit for me and our brand.”

The book, due in early 2018, is a playbook for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, filled with manageable, practical and broadminded advice on ways to maximize business ventures.  The brothers take you behind the stage, so to speak, to reveal many of the tricks and tools they’ve used to propel themselves to success. 

Visit: https://shortcutyourstartup.com