Section 101 News

Coming out of Detroit, MI, Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas are a unique American pop/soul/ska band with a dedicated following that’s about to expand with the June 23rd release of the band’s Telephone/Telefono, available for purchase on their website.

Jessica Hernandez has been singing since she was a teen, fronting a rock band in college and then forming her own. Signed to Instant Records, Jessica & the Deltas appeared on “Late Show with David Letterman” to promote their debut album, Secret Evil. Their follow up is actually TWO albums: Telephone/Telefono haeach song sung in both English and Spanish. Since her father is from Cuba, and she spoke to her grandmother only in Spanish, it wasn’t such a stretch for her to prime up her language skills and go for it. "I feel like 50 percent of our audience come from bilingual households. They're teenagers or people my age that also have this similar story of being American, but also identify with this other part of themselves.”

Another inspiration to the album was Jessica's recent marriage to Kyle Straka of the band The Growlers. Since they are both touring musicians, a lot of their courtship was played out over the telephone, which Jessica refers to as “a giant part of our relationship.” Hence, the album title!

 Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas will be on tour starting in September (save for one July and one August date) to promote Telephone/Telefono. You can see their tour dates, watch videos, read the lyrics for all their songs on tarot cards and more on their Section 101 powered website at https://jessicahernandez.net/.