Section 101 News

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of a new website for LMG (Law Media Group) Public Affairs. Section 101 worked with LMG on strategy and branding, creative and content development and website platform and hosting.

LMG, a public affairs firm that redefines the art of corporate and political campaigning, has had many years of success in the advocacy field. With expertise in public policy, communications, coalition building and campaign organization, LMG has played a leading role in many federal and state public policy campaigns on behalf of Fortune 100 companies in media, telecommunications, financial services, aerospace and defense industries and more. Their ability to support within a constituency group and build relations between their clients and politicians, governments and decisions makers, is unmatched. LMG has stated they are “winning the narrative in a changing world,” and in this political current climate, that couldn’t be more true.

Section 101 worked with LMG team on the re-branding initiative, delivering a new logo and design aesthetic that is representative of where the company is heading. Says Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy, “We are in the business of helping companies and it’s really nice to work with a client that has the same goal. Much like us, LMG understands is all about delivering value to their client as partners.” 

Please visit https://www.lawmedia.net/ to learn more about the amazing work LMG does in the world of public policy and advocacy.