Section 101 News

We had a terrific time at A2IM’s Indie Week in New York City last week. From the opening night party at Slate, to the great speakers, to the Libera Awards (where our client Ani DiFranco was honored with a lifetime Achievement Award!), this independent music confab puts together something special every year.

Section 101 had a great time participating in the One On One Executive Meetings, which could best be described as “Business Speed Dating.” Companies get together after they ‘match’ and then meet to spend 11 minutes talking to one another. It’s a great relationship building, networking experience, and Section 101 joined in for all three days. It was interesting, informative and fun speaking to everyone we connected with, but a special shout out to Swoon City Music, a Brooklyn based Indie label that launched in December and 6/8 Records, a boutique label which puts its focus on female artists.