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On Wednesday, May 24, Karen Glauber, President of HITS, wrote a very important piece that quickly went viral. Titled, “In Other News, Today is Wednesday,” the editorial tackled the all too familiar topic of sexual harassment in the work place.

After Epic Record President L.A. Reid was let go “for cause,” people in the know quickly pointed to a lawsuit from a female staffer being the final straw and shared no sense of surprise because he’d allegedly been harassing female staffers for years.  Said Glauber, “What I didn’t expect was (Epic’s) decisive response to behavior that has always been rampant, yet rarely with consequences. I hope the brave woman or women who came forward (or have yet to come forward) are not further victimized and shamed for their decision. They’ve done nothing wrong. I can’t believe I have to even write that in 2017.” Her Op-Ed went on to point out that she doesn’t know ONE woman in the music industry who hasn’t been sexually harassed at some point in her career. It’s a startling statement to make, but one Glauber backs up with conviction.

You can see her entire, must-read, piece on the HITS website, here