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Aimee Mann’s terrific ninth album, Mental Illness, was released on March 31 on her own SuperEgo label. NPR, who steamed the album before its release opined, “These songs are buoyantly catchy in their own way, with calmly dispensed beauty.” They go on to describe Mann as “One of the smartest songwriters in the business.”

“I was really in the mood to make a record that was as quiet and stripped down and bare bones as I could possibly manage,” said Mann to Stereogum, “…my tendency is to write songs that are going to sound pretty acoustic, so I just really relaxed into that idea.” She refers to Mental Illness as the “saddest, slowest, most acoustic, if-they're-all-waltzes-so-be-it” record that she has ever written. The 11-track album was inspired by her favorite Sixties and Seventies folk-rock.

Mann’s website has changed to reflect this new project, branding it with the Mental Illness artwork and showcasing an updated web store with all new merchandise and album bundles. Aimee is embarking on a month long North American tour to support the release, which kicked off on April 20th in Washington DC.

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