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Over the last decade, globalFEST has presented 21st century World Music as an accelerating fusion, a recombinant free-for-all of local traditions meeting ideas and technology from afar.” The New York Times

Section 101 is thrilled to announce the launch of a new, updated website for globalFEST, the annual world music Festival in New York City on January 8 in New York City. Taking over all three floors of famed Manhattan club Webster Hall, the fest will be focusing on events of this past year; globalFEST, which started as a response to 911, has come full circle in 2017 as the world tackles political talk of closing borders, the United States renewed relationship with Cuba and tragedies in the Middle East.  Along with this yearly Celebration, globalFEST has grown in to a outstanding non-profit service organization for curators, artists, and the performing arts field with one focus: broadening cultural diplomacy through conversation, networking and understanding.

The Festival showcases all dynamics in world music, and how one genre and culture inspires another. “In this highly divided and divisive climate we are living in in the United States, the work of globalFEST, to build bridges, not walls, is more important than ever.” says Shanta Thake, globalFEST co-founder. “These connections are what make the artists we work with so powerful, and why festivals and venues are increasingly interested in working with international artists.”

2017’s artists include Alsarah & The Nubatones, JoJo Abot, Hoba Hoba Spirit, Maarja Nuut featuring Hendrik Kaljujarv, Rascasuelos and more.

For tickets and to learn more about globalFEST and their amazing work, please visit https://globalfest.org