Section 101 News

If you’re one of the lucky ticket holders for the Pentatonix Holiday tour throughout North America, the group has an extra special treat for you!

Touring behind their NEW holiday album, A Pentatonix Christmas, Pentatonix will light up the night at every one of their shows. The group has a color palate available for download on their website with colors Pink, Green, White, Blue and Yellow. Ticket holders are encouraged to click on the venue map provided for each show to see the corresponding color to an audience members’ seating section. Once there is a match, fans are asked to save ‘their’ color to their phone as a photo.

During a specific portion of the show, PTX will ask the audience to ‘flash their color’ from their cell phone, lighting up the entire venue in multi-colors. It’s a super-cool effect, and fans are loving it! If you’re at a show, and get a photo of your section all lit up, please send it to us at @Section101Tweet!