Section 101 News

Section 101 Founder and CEO Liz Leahy will be teaching a one-week intensive to students at Columbia Business School.

Starting January 11, Liz will be a part of the Lean Launchpad class taught by instructor Steven Blank. The course offers real world and hands-on learning about what it’s like to start a high-tech company. This class will show the practical points of starting your own business by replicating the process in the classroom, along with all the pressure and demands you would encounter at the early stage of a tech start up. Students will have to see if they have what it takes to turn a great idea in to a great company. 

As a graduate of Columbia Business School, Liz comes to the class with not only a familiar knowledge of the University, but the real-life entrepreneurial experience. “I’m really thrilled to be going back to Columbia and sharing some of my real life experience with the students. I think it’s important to have a foundation of both classroom education and life education when navigating the work place and am excited to talk about what I’ve learned.”

Section 101 [https://section101.com] is a New York City based company that provides a leading-edge content management system and website platform for lifestyle and entertainment brands.   Section 101 provides new ways for artists and brands to market, promote and monetize their product. Clients include chart topping vocal group Pentatonix, pop icons Duran Duran, Robert De Long, Joe Jackson, musicFIRST, Aimee Mann and many others.