Section 101 News

Section 101, the leading website platform for a variety of entertainment and fitness based brands, is excited to announce the launch of a new website focusing on the serious topic of teenage concussions at  https://concussedteen.org/. Currently a very important issue facing young athletes that is at the forefront of discussion at schools and universities across the United States, the website is the first of its kind to lend support to teenagers dealing with this trauma.

With a 200% increase in concussions among teens in the past decade, and the recent statistic that a staggering 1 in 5 student athletes will sustain a concussion during their playing years, ConcussedTeen website founder Alex Hornick (herself a concussed teen) realized there was no where for teenagers, parents and interested schools to learn more about concussions, the after effects, the side effects and, most importantly, a place to discuss the journey. Concussed Teens website provides a forum for injured adolescents to tell their story and share experiences.

ConcussedTeen has been hosting fundraisers with fitness expert (and Section 101 client) Steve Ettinger to draw more attention to this growing concern among teenage athletes and their families. In addition, Alex has been asked to speak on panels, in schools and even on NY1 about her experience and recovery.