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Section 101, a website platform for the arts and entertainment industries, is pleased to announce a new website from author Julia Tagan at https://juliatagan.com/.

An esteemed journalist, Stages of Desire is Julia’s first e-book. Author Jamie Brenner, who writes the St. Martin’s Press e-serial Gin Lovers, is already a fan, saying “Witty, romantic and full of surprises, Julia captivates with a story of unexpected passion and a tested bond of family loyalty.”

Stages of Desire follows Harriet, a ward of the Duchess of Dorset, who doesn’t have a lot of hope for a love match given her non-titled background. When her father encounters trouble, and Harriet leaves the safety of the Duchess’ home to help him, it’s up to the Duchess’ daughter’s fiancé William to bring her back. Traveling together puts the pair in circumstances they never would have imagined as William begins to see Harriet in a new light. Kensington/Lyrical will release Stages of Desire on January 5, 2015.

Please visit Julia’s Section 101 website to read more about her novel and get a sneak peek of one of her newer works, A Question of Class!  Section 101’s author websites come with all the tools a writer needs to reach their desired audience. The websites are not only easy to use, but showcase written work beautifully. Section 101 is the only website platform to offer these features to authors and the publishing industry. 

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