Section 101 News

We listen! We’ve made some changes based on the feedback YOU provided, and we thank you for it! 

If you haven’t had a chance, please visit the backend of your author, actor, musician and/or band website on the Section 101 platform and look at the new TOOL BAR on the top and the new SIDE PANEL on the left. 

The top TOOL BAR now:

1.  Displays a RED button to Edit your website and a GREEN button to Preview your website. 

2. Contains a “My Settings” drop-down menu allowing you to easily:

  • See/edit your profile

  • View billing and contact info

  • Logout 

3. Provides a “Current Page” prompt indicating the page you’re editing

4. Offers a “View Full Screen” button.

The left-hand SIDE PANEL now:

  1. Is reorganized into “My” and “Tools.”    Here you’ll be able to find all the same features that you enjoyed before, just bucketed into different categories. 

      2. The “My” tabs let you easily see/work on your particular website and content management  system:

  • My Homepage

  • My Pages

  • My Stats

  • My Library (previously named Content Center)

    3. The “Tool” tabs lets you easily access feature sets including:

  • Design Tools

  • Marketing Tools

  • Advanced Tools

More changes are on the way thanks to your feedback, so please do send us more. Email CustomerCare@section101.com and letting us know how we’re doing!