Section 101 News

Section 101, the premier website platform for the music, arts and entertainment industries, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the band Twin Forks at https://twinforksmusic.com/.

The Florida based alternative-folk-rock band is Chris Carrabba’s latest musical incarnation, after the world-wide success of Dashboard Confessional and the band Further Seems Forever. Twin Forks was born of Chris’ desire to focus more on folk and roots music, and he found the perfect musical partners to explore that, with Jonathan Clark, Shawn Zorn and Kelsie Baron rounding out the band. As Chris stated in an interview with BILLBOARD magazine “Twin Forks is where my heart is and where my creative reward is coming from right now.”

The band has released a self-titled EP and self-titled full length album, with singles “Back to You,” “Something We Both Know” and “Cross My Mind” streaming on the band’s website, as well as the videos for “Back to You” and “Cross My Mind” posted on the website too. The lyrics to all the songs they’ve written are also featured on the MUSIC page.

Currently on a tour of the United States, Twin Forks had their debut performance in 2013 at the Southwest Invasion, the yearly musical event in Austin produced by the Quantum Collective, of which Section 101 is a founding member.

Says Rebecca Calejo, Section 101’s Senior Director, Partnerships & Biz Dev, "I've been a huge fan of Chris Carrabba's music for many years now and I'm so excited Twin Forks are part of the Section 101 family of amazing websites."