Section 101 News

Section 101, the premier website platform for the music, arts and entertainment industries, is pleased to announce new features as well as a re-design of their OWN website at https://section101.com.

While spending the past few years working with emerging to established artists to give them the most optimal online experience in building their website, CEO Liz Leahy and CTO Jim Hoffman decided to re-design the Section 101 website. With glowing reviews in the musician, author and Film & TV website space, it just made sense to present a new look, as well as some great new features, for the company’s Do-It-Yourself clients.

The biggest change for new customers is the template selection and preview process that allows someone to get creative, modify it as often as they want and then see their website in preview before going through the sign up process. Section 101 has also added more industry specific features and additional pre-loaded pages for people within those genres to choose from.

Clients that utilize the Section 101 Do-It-Yourself model can do so effortlessly. With easy-to-use tools that allow simple uploading of text, photos, e-commerce, social media links and more, Section 101’s websites are pre-loaded with all the features a brand needs to be successful online. In addition, there's the freedom and flexibility to change anything you want as you go along.

Says Weylan Lee, VP, Creative Director: “Designing the new Section 101 website was an amazing, fun and challenging experience. With the redesign, we really wanted to show who Section 101 is, and what makes us, different. The biggest challenge was to simply and clearly communicate the many features and pages built specifically for musicians, book industry, and others. We accomplished this by not just talking about it, but also by showing our beautiful client websites and the genre specific features Section 101 clients use to help elevate their careers.”

Section 101 websites include bands BUSH and Duran Duran, best selling author Sandra Balzo, BWR Publicity, The Rube Goldberg Estate, Radio Woodstock, singer Aimee Mann, Caroline Distribution, the NBC show Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase and more.

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