Section 101 News

Section 101, a website platform for the arts and entertainment industries, is pleased to announce the launch of several author websites on their Do-It-Yourself platform. 

Section 101’s best in class author sites come pre-loaded with all the tools you will need to present, market and sell your book. The websites are not only easy to use, but will showcase your work beautifully. In addition, there’s the ease and flexibility to add and change as you go along.

Section 101 author sites come with built in options such as the ability to preview book pages in different formats [written- digital-audio], simple to implement text samples, the capability to create trouble-free banners to promote different works, social media engagement, seamless commerce integration with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible and more, and unique design options to choose from.  Section 101 is the only website platform to offer these features to authors and the publishing industry.

Since introducing this new platform, Section 101 has become home to several authors including award winning crime author Sandra Balzo, best selling thriller novelist R. Barri Flowers, rock star memoirist Corey Taylor, fitness writer Steve Ettinger, horror novelist Timothy W. Long, political analyst Jami Floyd and others.

Company CEO Liz Leahy says, “We’re excited to be working in the author space with such amazing writers. We saw a total lack of good options for writers and are really pleased with the results of our pre-built sites. By incorporating all the marketing, publicity and commerce features they will need, we are able to make the experience of setting up a website very easy.”