Section 101 News

Section 101, a website platform for music, arts and entertainment industries, will be showcasing their Do-It-Yourself website building platform at several conventions in New York and Los Angeles over the coming months. 

Section 101 will have a presence in the exhibit areas, provide tutorials of their DIY platform, offer tips on the most efficient and effective ways to get online, participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions and more at the following conferences:

Music Biz 2014, May 6-8, Los Angeles

Book Expo America, May 29-31, New York

A2IM’s Indie Week, June 16-19, New York

In addition, CEO Liz Leahy sits on the Board of the Digital Marketing Workgroup for the Music Business Associates [Music Biz 2014]. This group works to coordinate best practices for direct marketing and customer relation management for artist focused websites, such as tools, platforms and strategic integrations that utilize the artist site(s) as the hub for activity.

Section 101 is passionate about people finding their own voice online, and participating in various events throughout the year is one of the many ways Section 101 works to help people create their home on the web.

For some TIPS from Section 101 professionals, click HERE