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The Rube Goldberg website, powered by Section 101 technology, is sponsoring their annual International Online Machine Contest. This year’s task, for entrants ages 11-14, is to zip a zipper, Rube style. Students are encouraged to work on complex solutions for simple problems.

Teams, which are made up of at least three participants and a teacher/parent advisor, must create a Team Page to showcase their machines in action though video posts and photos. They also have to submit a list of steps it took to complete their task – with a minimum of 10 steps to be used.  Section 101 powers the Team Pages, which allows members to customize their page with our easy-to-use tools giving teams the ability to deck out the page with their logos, school colors, videos, photos, quotes, personal anecdotes and more.

In addition to a Judging Panel that chooses a winning team, The Rube Goldberg website will open up the People’s Choice portion of the voting on April 12th. Participants will be actively utilizing social media to show off their zipper machines and encourage people to vote for their team. The public will be able to view all the different entries and vote for them here: contest.rubegoldberg.com/peopleschoice. The team with the most Facebook LIKES will win the People’s Choice.

Dating back over 60 years, the contest’s namesake is the late American Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, humorist and inventor, Reuben Lucius Goldberg, who specialized in drawing whimsical machines with every-day objects that performed a seemingly simple task. Goldberg’s legacy lives on through the contests -- as students nationwide build crazy machines that complete the annual task, all in the spirit of Rube’s illustrations.


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