Section 101 News

It would be nice if we could transport ourselves magically to whatever city a Section 101 artist is playing in, but since the company is New York based, we are always extra excited when one of our clients is playing in the area. 

Section 101 is in a city that not only hosts some great music, but also makes it easy for us to run up and down the east coast (Hello Boston! Hello Philly!) to see some amazing performances.

If you're in the metro area starting this weekend, make sure you check out some of the following shows, including the Broadway debut of Jonatha Brooke's My Mother Has Four Noses at The Duke Theatre on February 14th.

Upcoming New York February Shows:

2/7 - Rachel Yamagata - City Winery

2/7 - James Maddock - Highline Ballroom

2/8 - James Maddock - The Cutting Room

2/10 - Elizabeth and the Catapult - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

2/14 - Jonatha Brooke's My Mother Has Four Noses Opening Night - The Duke

2/14 - Marc Cohn - City Winery

2/17 - Elizabeth and the Catapult - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

2/21 - Rachel Yamagata - City Winery