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Section 101, a New York based company that delivers a dynamic web-based solution by providing simple and effective tools for music brands to create their own website is pleased to announce the launch of https://4noses.org, the website for Jonatha Brooke’s new musical and album, My Mother Has 4 Noses.

Already a client for her website at https://JonathaBrooke.com, Jonatha has been working closely with Section 101 on the website launch for her musical and new album, My Mother Has 4 Noses. 4 Noses debuted on stage this summer at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT before moving onto the Playwright Centre in Minneapolis. The show played to a sold-out audience at the Fringe Festival in Philadelphia in September and will now make its Broadway debut at the Duke on 42nd Street Theatre in New York City on February 14th, 2014. 

A musical about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s (yes, you read that right), Jonatha takes the audience on her compassionate journey of living with, and caring for, her mother through the mid to end stages of Alzheimer’s. Jonatha raised much of the money for both the play’s staging and the album’s release via a successful PledgeMusic drive.

"Three Septembers ago I moved my mother to New York. She was in the mid stages of Alzheimer's. I had no idea what I was getting into. But there was no question I would be there for her. We had quite an adventure - my "real life" on the back burner, my "career" all but halted. But our very vivid, very real life together was, at times, great theatre.”

Jonatha Brooke’s music has been used in many television shows, commercials and films such as Disney’s Return to Neverland, the television shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Once & Again and Goodyear Tires. She recently co-wrote two songs on the Katy Perry album ROAR.


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Section 101 delivers a dynamic web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for music and entertainment brands to manage and maximize their online presence. Section 101 enables clients to create beautiful, personalized websites that are easy to use, while providing a powerful suite of integrated tools designed to organize and leverage their fan base across a growing number of online and social channels.

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