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Section 101, a New York based company that delivers a dynamic web-based solution providing simple and effective tools for entertainment brands has launched a new website for musicFIRST, an organization that ensures music creators get fair pay for their work, wherever and however it is played. You can see the new site at  musicfirstcoalition.org.

The FIRST in musicFIRST stands for FAIRNESS IN RADIO STARTING TODAY. Fully committed to making sure musicians and recording artists get fair pay for their work when it is played, musicFIRST understands the creativity, hard work and talent that goes in to bringing a song to life. For that reason, they work vigorously to secure compensation for artists who have not been financially rewarded by radio, or anywhere, when a song they’ve performed on is played. Struggling performers, independent artists, unsigned bands and well-known acts all get the same treatment from musicFIRST, whose number one priority is to make sure every one who is part of a recording gets royalties.

To better understand what musicFIRST does, know this: songwriters and music publishers are paid when their song is on the radio, but incredibly, performers are not.  The organ break you hear in a Rolling Stones song? That performer is not paid when you hear it on the radio. The United States is the only country that is not in compliance with the rest of the world who DO pay artists for their musical contributions to songs.

With Section 101 acting as their digital marketing agency, this client site was a full re-branding effort, which included creative brand development, website design and build as well as marketing strategies. From tag line to logo, Section 101 worked with the musicFirst team to create everything seen on the new site, seeking to appeal to musicians, policy makers and the wide-ranging music fan. 

Section 101 executed the entire strategy for the new website, as well as the design and creative flow of musicfirstcoalition.org, and the creation of the new logo. Says Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy, “Working with musicFIRST became very important to us as soon as we realized what an astounding service they provide to musicians. We are so proud to be a part of spreading their mission and helping to highlight their tireless work for musicians. Fair pay for air play seems like such a simple concept, and it’s frustrating that so many talented people aren’t fairly remunerated for their hard work.”

ABOUT SECTION 101: Section 101 delivers a web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for music and entertainment brands to manage their online presence. Clients can create personalized websites that are easy to use with a powerful suite of integrated tools available to organize and leverage your brand across a growing number of online and social channels. Section 101 offers a premier service for people who prefer us to supply creative input, as well as a Build-It-Yourself model, providing all the utilities required to create your own unique website on a budget.  

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