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It’s hard not to get excited when you hear Ani DiFranco is putting out new music. After being courted by major labels at the start of her career, Ani (thinking very much ahead) knew that directing her own career would pay off for her, and she couldn’t have been more right. Starting Righteous Babe records in 1990, DiFranco has always used the power of music to support political activism, philanthropy and feminism successfully, and it has allowed her to be able to control her career in a way few have. Her newest release, Revolutionary Love, was recorded in two days at Overdub Lane, in Durham, NC. Rooted in poetry, The New Yorker calls the album “Robust melodies, padded with streaks of soul and jazz that represent some of DiFranco’s fullest productions yet, prop up a challenging attempt at peace and healing.”


Listen to Revolutionary Lovehttps://righteousbabe.ffm.to/revolutionary-love.oem