Section 101 News

Section 101 and Southwest Invasion Co-Founder Liz Leahy has been asked to be a judge for the 21st annual Web Marketing Association’s Web Awards. Since 1997, the WebAward competition has been helping to recognize the very best in website development internationally. The WebAwards judging criteria looks for a complete online package that meets the need of its target audience. Currently there are 96 industry categories representing a broad range of options for participants.

This marks the sixth year Liz will be evaluating entries that will be judged on the following seven criteria on a scale of 0-10 points: Design, Innovation, Content, Technology, Interactivity, Copywriting and Ease of Use.

Says Liz, “Judging the web awards gives me a chance to see what is happening with websites across multiple industries. There has been a trend toward usability, which makes it easy for a User to access the data they’re looking for. It’s also important that the website represents the essence of the brand. As simple as it may sound, it is often difficult to find a website that does both well. The ones who can marry those two aspects are the websites that stand out.”

Sites that receive the highest average score from the judges within a given industry category are awarded a "Best of Industry" WebAward. Remaining sites will then be judged against a standard of overall excellence and quality for either an Outstanding WebAward or Standard of Excellence WebAward based upon the total score given to the entry by the WebAward judges. Only one website will be recognized as Best of Show when the winners are announced in September, 2018.