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Section 101, a New York based company that builds superior author websites with social media integration, easy-to buy links to Amazon, Audible and others, analytics and more has launched the website for author R. Barri Flowers at https://www.rbarriflowers.net.

R. Barri Flowers is an award winning criminologist and bestselling author of an astounding nearly seventy books in many genres. His writing work includes thrillers, young adult mysteries, romances, true crime, short stories and criminology titles.

After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University, R. Barri, an award-winning criminologist, began writing non-fiction titles based on his vocation. With the 2004 publication of his first book, Persuasive Evidence, R. Barri devoted himself to writing. Along with his thrillers and mysteries, R. Barri has a successful young adult series called Transylvanica High and writes romance novels under the pseudonym Devon Vaughn Archer. In addition, his true crime thrillers, notably Kids Who Commit Adult Crimes and The Sex Slave Murders have made him a trusted source on the subject of criminality, with appearances on both The Biography Channel and Investigation Discovery.  In 2006 he was inducted in to the MSU Criminal Justice Hall of Fame.

The Hawaii based author is very active on Twitter (https://twitter.com/RBarriFlowers), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/R-Barri-Flowers) and Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/rbarriflowers/ ), and takes as much interest in communicating with his fans as he does in writing his novels.  His timely Blogs, featured on his website, cover many true crime topics. The Section 101 re-launch of R. Barri Flowers’ website allows visitors to not only scroll through all of his titles and buy from his website, but also sample the books with both audio and visual excerpts.

His latest novel, Out For Blood, was released on November 2, 2013.


About Section 101

Section 101 delivers a dynamic web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for music and entertainment brands to manage and maximize their online presence. Section 101 enables clients to create beautiful, personalized websites that are easy to use, while providing a powerful suite of integrated tools designed to organize and leverage their fan base across a growing number of online and social channels.

Section 101 offers a premier service for clients who prefer Section 101 to supply creative input – from design and development through to the successful launch of their websites, as well as a Do-It-Yourself model, providing all the tools and functionality required for clients to create their own unique website on a budget.

Technology expert Jim Hoffman and Digital Marketing/Branding expert Liz Leahy founded Section 101 in 2009. 

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